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Questioning Disability Assumptions — Beth Pickard, FLSE

"I am the BA (Hons) Creative and Therapeutic Arts Course Leader, have been teaching in HE since 2014 and this year I won a National Teaching Fellowship! I am passionate about inclusive education and I challenge individuals, communities and the University to notice and question the assumptions they make about disability. Innovating the course to reflect my vision, I tracked the impact on students and teahcing staff. I used the SEP Seminars and USW Summer Conference to showcase my work, test out new ideas and build networks for change, and drew the whole together into a successful SFHEA claim through TSL@USW. I am keen to keep building my work at USW and helping other achieve national recognition for the excellent work we do here. "

Cyfnod19 Tach 2018

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Cyfraniadau i’r wasg

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