Carter's Flux draws on modern techniques

  • Sarah Carter

Y Wasg / Cyfryngau: Arall


Drawing has long been central to the creation of art and it's the hand-made mark that fascinates Sarah Alex Carter. Each of her works in this refreshing and dynamic show grew from a playful experimental drawing session; abstract doodles and carefully controlled lines have been combined to form complex, layered images that were then scanned into a computer for further manipulation.

Cyfnod12 Hyd 2008

Cyfraniadau i’r wasg


Cyfraniadau i’r wasg

  • TeitlCarter's Flux draws on modern techniques
    Graddau amlygrwyddCenedlaethol
    Enw cyfrwng / allfaMetro
    Math y cyfrwngGwe
    Gwlad/TiriogaethY Deyrnas Unedig
    Dyddiad cyhoeddi12/10/08
    Cynhyrchydd / AwdurDavid Trigg
    UnigolionSarah Carter